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FireMaster SuperPlus

FireMaster SuperPlus is a fire curtain with sprinklers. Used in conjunction with tested sprinklers or drenchers to cool the surface of the curtain thus reducing the ambient temperature on the safe side of the curtain when a fire is burning on the opposing side.

The FireMaster SuperPlus fire curtain uses the same standard fabric used on the FireMaster fire curtain and uses the cooling effect of the water from the sprinklers to provide insulation performance. Drenchers activate from local heat detectors.

Fire Curtain Construction

Each roller is up to 5m wide with multiple roller construction up to 30m wide. Wide Single Roller (WSR) construction is available up to 17m wide. Sprinklers are installed on the non-fire side of the fire curtain.

Metalwork is zinc coated mild steel. This can be painted on site or powdercaoted to DULUX or RAL colours.


Fire curtain operation is the same as the FireMaster. Sprinkler activation is to be designed by others and must activate the sprinklers on the non-fire side. The sprinklers are open head and all activate at once.

Test is performed by a simple key switch. The system is reset manually by pressing the reset button on the control panel. Automatic reset is available.


Bottom Bar

Standard bottom bar is Jumbo which is a triangular shaped bar 40mm wide. Also available is the ‘T’ bar and operable ceiling interface systems (SLAT) in 150mm and 75mm profiles.

Fire Rating

2 hours fire integrity and 2 hours insulation to AS1530.4 provided suitable water supplies are available for the duration. Assessment report EXOVA EWFA-RIR-26371.

Sprinkler Specification

Design and supply of the detectors and activation devices are by others. These shall be suitable to supply the below for the duration of insulation required.

Sprinkle headViking C1 window sprinkler
Fire one directionSprinkler on non-fire side
Fire both directionSprinkler on both side
Sprinkler set back from curtain face380mm (+20mm)
Sprinkler vertical positionBase of sprinkler level to the bottom of the head box
flow rate3m height – 271/min/head
4m height – 361/min/head
Sprinkler head spacing840mm maximum


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