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    Bushfire Solutions
    Protect yourself and your home with Australia’s only AS1530.8.2 Tested bushfire shutter the FireMaster FZ or protect your home from ember attack with our MicroLouvre ember mesh
    Fire Curtains

    Experienced Fire Curtain Provider in Melbourne and Sydney

    Are you looking for an alternative solution for fire separation? Fire Curtains may be the solution you have been looking for. Greene Fire are the most experienced providers of fire curtains with quality that is unmatched in Melbourne and Sydney. Established in 2000, our specialisations include providing fire curtain and smoke curtain solutions. We deliver highly precise fire engineered solutions to our customers and have successfully added an extra layer of protection to their properties. We collaborate with the exclusive fire curtains manufacturer- Coopers Fire, which provides a vast range of fire curtains achieving an FRL up to -/240/-. Fire Curtains are Alternate Fire Safety Solutions that can be easily incorporated into any architecturally designed building whilst still complying with BCA requirements. A close relative to the Fire Shutter, Fire Curtains protect openings by deploying and creating a full barrier covering an opening and creating a compartment. The primary difference between a Fire Shutter and a Fire Curtain is the material that is used. Fire Curtains are made of engineered fabric and not steel. These materials enable us to create a much more compact and lightweight curtain that can be installed in almost any space to create the perfect fire barrier.

    3 Reasons Why You Must Consider Installing Fire Curtains:

    • Tested and Compliant to Australian Standards – Fire is a major safety concern for not only business but also for residential and industrial property owners. Fire Curtains act as a fire preventive measure in your property, which helps prevent fire without the need to change your design . You must always ask for a fire compliance certificate from the installer.
    • Easy to Handle – Fire Curtains are designed to operate in conjunction with your inbuilt fire safety systems. Fire Curtains can be programmed to enable safe egress without compromising the safety of your inhabitants via delayed deployment and emergency retract options.
    • Durability – Fire Curtains are highly durable and reliable fire preventive measures. You can also ask your installer about aftercare services it provides, making it a significant investment in your property.

    We have 3 categories of Fire Curtains, click on the pages below for more information

    • Vertical Fire Curtains
    • Compact Fire Curtains
    • Horizontal Fire Curtains
    Our customer service team in Melbourne and Sydney equally excel in their services of assisting the customers. They are very transparent to share all the details of the company and the services so you don’t face any inconvenience or have the slightest doubt. All you need to do is call us at (02) 9526 3100 or write us an email at sales@greenefire.com.au. You can also follow us on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to be updated with updates.
    Fire Rated Glass
    Fire Rated Glass is an exceptional solution for fire compartmentalisation, enabling you to develop spaces which promote natural lighting and overall enhance building design. Our Fire Rated Glass solutions utilise an innovative aluminium framing which is exclusive to Greene Fire. The framing incorporates an air-rated concrete filling which can achieve an FRL of up to – / 120 / 120. Our unique ClimaPlus technology prevents the glass from becoming opaque over time when exposed to the elements, a key issue which has prevented many from using these systems in the past. Visit our product pages below for more information regarding our Australia and New Zealand exclusive solutions.

    Australia’s Only Aluminium Framed Fire Rated Glass

    We at Greene Fire offer the only aluminium framed fire rated (aka fire resistant) glasses in Australia and New Zealand. Such glass is ideal for cases where one needs open space and natural light in abundance, and the proper fire rating of the establishment. Our clients can use such glass in both external and internal applications. These products are available in various profiles that are designed to cater to most of the glazing classifications and applications as per the Building Code of Australia and the Australian Standards.

    What are the benefits of using fire rated glass?

    Following are several reasons you must use fire rated glass in Melbourne.
    • Fire Rated Glass provides insulated fire protection without the need for drenchers.
    • It prevents the spread of fire, heat, and smoke by containing and isolating fire.
    • It comes with great architectural designs that help our clients maintain the design of their building.
    • Almost all solutions are double glazed with low U values maximising temperature control in cold climates

    The systems which can achieve this for you!

    Following are the products that we offer in this context:
    • Fixed Fire Rated Windows up to -/120/120
    • Fire Rated Glass Doors including Single/Double Hung Doors and Automatic Sliding Doors
    • Fire Rated Glass Walls, both internal and external
    • Fire Rated Glass Skylights including trafficable and non-trafficable
    • Fire Rated façade and Curtain Wall systems
    Following are some prominent features of our fire rated glass products:
    • Our fire rated windows are the first of their kind in Australia to have aluminium frames.
    • They can achieve an FRL (fire resistance level) of -120/120.
    • These windows are 3 metres high – the highest in Australia.
    • We use innovative technology to make them.
    • Our company offers a diverse array of exterior and interior fire rated glass walls.
    • They comply with AS 1530.4 and have a maximum FRL of -120/120.
    • Our fire rated facade is the first of its kind to have aluminium frames.
    • We use a unique technology named ClimaPlus technology for external installation Preventing the glass from becoming opaque upon being exposed to harsh weather.
    • We offer various exterior, and interior fire rated glass doors.
    • This includes various double & single leaf doors and automatic sliding doors.
    • All systems are tested to AS1905.1 and AS1530.4 with more on the way!
    • Our range of fire rated glass roofing and skylights is unmatched in Australia and New Zealand.
    All systems are manufactured locally in Melbourne ensuring the highest quality of materials are used.

    Why should our clients work with us?

    There are so many ways in which we make it worthwhile for our clients to associate with us:
    • We have years of experience in the industry of fire protection.
    • Our sales team are available to answer any questions you may have
    • All systems go through a strict quality assurance procedure ensuring you receive the highest quality safety solution.
    • Our manufacturing facility is located locally in Melbourne and uses the latest and the best technology.

    The sectors that we cater to

    We offer compliant fire rated glass and related products & services to the following sectors in Melbourne and throughout Australia and New Zealand for:
    • Residential
    • Education
    • Retail
    • Healthcare
    • Domestic houses
    • Transport
    • Commercial offices
    • Industrial and manufacturing
    • Historic buildings and museums

    Our work history

    To date, we have worked with some of the most prestigious institutions in Australia and New Zealand, such as Monash University and Sydney Opera House. At Sydney Opera House, the management has used our smoke protection measures. We have helped build the biggest concertina curtain in the southern hemisphere at Monash University. Apart from these, we have worked on innumerable domestic and commercial projects to date. With the help of our work, over the years our clients have been able to create award winning architectural masterpieces that have stood the test of time. Our fire safety solutions offer clients an innovative way in which they can create a space without the restrictions of the building code and other fire safety standards. Our team of customer service representatives will always be on their toes to help you. We assure you that you are provided with all the necessary information about our services and our systems. Reach out to us at (02) 9526 3100 to talk to our experts and discuss your requirements. You can also write us a mail at sales@greenefire.com.au and one of our team members will reach out to you shortly.
    Glazed Louvres
    Smoke Curtains

    Best Smoke Curtain for Safety

    If you are looking for an excellent alternative smoke safety solution, Greene Fire is the leading name for providing the best smoke curtains in Sydney. We stock over 31 different fire-rated assemblies ideal for any kind of building in the region. We provide a variety of curtains and include the smoke curtains solutions from Coopers Fire these are famous for their design flexibility and excellent quality. Greene Fire proudly received the Fire Protection Industry Awards 2019- Harry Marryatt Fire Protection Company of the Year Award for our excellent services. Smoke Curtains are Alternate Smoke Safety Solutions that allow you to develop architectural spaces whilst still complying with BCA requirements. A close relative to the Roller Shutter, Smoke Curtains protects openings by deploying and creating a full barrier covering an opening and creating a smoke compartment. The primary difference between a Roller Shutter and a Smoke Curtain is the material that is used. Smoke Curtains are made of engineered fabric and not steel. These materials enable us to create a much more compact and lightweight fire barrier that can be installed in almost any space to create.

    Benefits of installing smoke curtains:

    • Design – Smoke Curtains are designed to be hidden until needed with all components able to be embedded into the ceilings and walls of the property. This advanced design type enables designers to create vast open spaces without the constraints of standard smoke safety solutions.
    • Easy Installation – Installing smoke curtains is easy and is hassle-free with our directly employed technicians. Our team of professionals will install the curtains in a short duration without causing you any inconvenience.
    • Safe from damage – Because of its transparent design, it will be impossible for anyone to tamper or play with the curtains leading to any damage or reducing its functionality.

    To learn more about Smoke Curtains, click on the pages below for more information:

    Vertical Smoke Curtains

    Are you all set to experience the best services of smoke curtains in the region? Call us at (02) 9526 3100 or write us a mail at sales@greenefire.com.au. You can also visit our office if you are looking for smoke curtain services in Sydney, Melbourne. We keep updating our latest designs and services on social media platforms, so you can also check us out on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.