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    Solar Shading

    MicroLouvre is the smallest and most efficient solar shading screen at only 1.2mm depth. Outstanding reduction in solar heat gain of 86%. MicroLouvre is a fine mesh, woven from miniature woven bronze Louvre, only two times thicker than a human hair, angled to block and control sun, glare and light, which can be easily and inconspicuously installed externally on buildings. Read our white paper on how our MicroLouvre Solar Shading makes any environment a comfortable environment, without using mechanical systems. Alternatively, you can download our product PDF and Drawings for more detailed information.

    There are over 700 micro Louvres, each only 0.25mm thick x 1.27mm wide, in every meter of mesh. This is normally coated in protective black polyester for a durable, light absorbing finish, almost eliminating re-reflected sun and light. However, MicroLouvre can be supplied in a wide range of colors to suit the application.


    MicroLouvre provides 100% solar shade to windows when the attitude of the sun is greater than 40°. The screens are predominantly installed in close proximity to the outside of windows and in a vertical plane.



    Reduction in Heat Loss – It has been proven that MicroLouvre is able to reduce outward heat loss through a 6mm clear plate glass window at night under winter design conditions by at least 15%. Thereby reducing costs of heating in winter. Ventilation – MicroLouvre permit an open area of at least 79% allowing great natural airflow and high visibility Reduction of Noise – Reduce external noise intensity by as much as 50% Insect Protection – MicroLouvre screens provide at least 17 horizontal wires to the vertical 25mm which is equivalent or better than fine insect screen. Wind Resistance – The mesh has low wind resistance of less than 25 kg/m2 when there is a wind velocity of 100 km/hr through the screen.


    • 100% shading at sun angle more than 40°
    • 92% solar radiation absorption
    • 86% reduction of solar heat gain
    • 80% open area for natural ventilation
    • Improve occupant comfort and efficiency
    • 45% back of room daylight transmittance
    • 25% air conditioning savings possible
    • Health & Safety insect screening

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    For Further Reference please read the documents provided below. If you wish to obtain further information regarding our Fire Attenuation Screens, please contact us at (02) 9526 3100, or email us at sales@greenefire.com.au. Alternatively, you can speak to us in person at Greene Fire Pty Limited, Unit 2 7-11 Parraweena Road Taren Point, NSW 2229