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    Fire Rated Façade

    Our fire rated façade is Australia’s first system with aluminium framing. This state of the art technology allows us to create wire free glass panes at an industry leading 3 meters high. This solution is 100% tested and compliant to AS 1530.4 and has achieved an FRL of up to – / 120 / 120. Our thermally insulated fire resistant façades can be combined with any type of glazing requirement including sliding doors. Our systems meet regulatory requirements for insulation as well as wind loads and can be combined with non-fire rated façades. Utilising AluFlam’s advanced aluminium framing, we can create more lightweight and economically friendly glass solutions. All AluFlam fire rated systems are made from thermally insulated high performance aluminium framing systems. This innovative design allows for seamless integration with high specification architectural finishes. Large size glass panes up to 3 metres high can be butt-jointed to provide seamless and clear glass solutions. Our fire rated glazing systems are installed by expert technicians ensuring that all installations are done to perfection. we also provide service technicians to ensure the systems remain in perfect condition.


    Our fire resistant façade solution incorporates state of the art technology that utilises insulated aluminium framing to reduce size and weight. This provides architects and building developers brand new possibilities for interior and exterior installations. Traditional aluminium is not known for its fire resistant properties, however by using air-rated concrete as insulation, this framing system can achieve the highest levels of protection on the market with an FRL of up to – / 120 / 120.

    Some benefits of using aluminium framing are:

    • More lightweight – Due to the framing being more light weight we are able to create window panes an industry leading 3 meters high.
    • Corrosion resistant – requiring little to no maintenance
    • Design flexibility – aluminium can be used to create basic frames and also elaborate solutions Can reduce costs
    • Can be powder coated to any color

    Fire Rating

    Our aluminium framed fire resistant window systems provide great Integrity and Insulation. These products range From non-fire rated to – / 120 / 120 as seen in the table provided below.

    How Does The Glass Work?

    Greene Fire’s fire resistant façade solution utilizes Contraflam® glass. We can provide insulated and non-insulated options to suit your requirements. Providing very effective radiant heat reduction for between 30 and 120 minutes, Contraflam® contains an inter-layer that becomes opaque in the event of fire and acts as a heat shield. This helps to reduce radiant heat and is a useful feature which minimises panic among the people that need to evacuate the building.
    The glass has a multi-layer design with two external profiles of toughened safety glass and a filled intermescent inter-layer. The inside chamber is filled with a fire resistant filling preventing the glass profiles from shattering completely.
    Initially the fire causes the glass that is towards the fire-side to break due to the stress on the glass.
    The filler inter-layer, begins to form an opaque insulating protective layer resisting further penetration.


    • Clean, sharp lines of narrow aluminium frame
    • Provides excellent clarity and sound reduction
    • Large wire free glass areas
    • Multitude of finish options
    • 100% installed by our expert technicians
    • Barrier to radiant heat
    • Available in single and multi-panel window designs

    Learn More

    For Further Reference please read the documents provided below. If you wish to obtain further information regarding our Fire Attenuation Screens in Sydney, Melbourne or any other major Australian city, please contact us at (02) 9526 3100, or email us at sales@greenefire.com.au. Alternatively, you can speak to us in person at Greene Fire Pty Limited, Unit 2 7-11 Parraweena Road Taren Point, NSW 2229