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    FireMaster Plus Concertina

    • Fire Rating : – / 120 / –
    • Max Width:Unlimited
    • Max Height:4.5 Metres
    • Number of Corners :Unlimited
    • Corner Angles:60° — 180°

    FireMaster Plus Concertina fire curtain is an insulated concertina fire curtain. The unique fabric is coated with intumescent material which provides a thermal barrier in a fire. This results in approximately 4 times less heat transfer through the concertina fire curtain. Ideal for use in areas where there is expected to be egress or combustibles in close proximity to the fire curtain location. The full benefits of the FireMaster Concertina fire curtain are achieved with the FireMaster Plus Concertina model. The corners are still required to be formed using the standard FireMaster fabric.


    Concertina is a folding fabric fire curtain where the complete construction is concealed in the headbox in the ceiling. The headbox traverses the perimeter of the void in a uniform design. The fabric is constructed in strips forming a pleated design. These are stitched together horizontally. The material keeps the memory of the folds as manufactured. Each corner is specifically cut, folded and constructed to create any angle from 60° to 180°. As the bottom tray deploys, these pleats unfold. During retraction of the curtain the pleats will neatly fold back to their stored position.


    FireMaster Plus Concertina fire curtain will remain retracted within its head box until it is automatically activated by the fire alarm signal. Once activated it will completely close the opening, creating a fire and smoke compartment. Deployment is by gravity at a controlled speed of 0.06 – 0.1m/s. The only true gravity failsafe product on the market. Testing is performed by a simple key switch. It is reset manually by pressing a reset button on the control panel. Automatic reset is available


    Up to 2 hours fire performance to AS1530.4. Report EXOVA EWFA-RIR-26822. The irradiance performance is outlined in the table below for both irradiance at the unexposed face and at 1 metre setback. Irradiance is listed at kW/m2.


    • Ideal for use in unsprinklered buildings or to protect near combusibles such as in museums and galleries
    • Low radiant heat performance to the majority of the fire barrier
    • Does not require any visible support posts at the corners
    • Has unlimited length and drops up to 4.5m with a small lightweight housing

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