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    Fire Shutters

    Auto-Set FSFD-STC
    The FSFD-STC acoustical fire door is designed to protect openings that require both fire protection and sound control. Available with up to a 34 STC, the highest in the industry.
    Auto-Set FSFD-IS
    The FSFD-IS is designed for interior or exterior applications where fire protection is necessary and climate and temperature control are also critical. Available with an R value up to 9.3, the highest in the industry.
    AutoSet FSFD
    The automatic resetting vertical coiling fire and smoke rated door system self-closes without reliance on electricity or battery back-up.
    Auto-Set FSFD-TR
    The Auto-Set Model FSFD-TR is designed for use in areas where a Temperature Rise rating in addition to standard fire ratings is required. Available with up to a 230°C over 30 minute Temperature Rise rating when required
    Counter Fire Shutter CFS
    The automatic resetting Auto-Set Counter Fire and Smoke Rated Model CFS shutter can be designed to accommodate almost any opening variation up to 8.5 metres in width and 3.5 metres in height for both interior and exterior applications.
    Auto-Set S4000
    Auto-Set S4000 is a side coiling fire shutter whose head track can complete almost any shape. The automatic resetting S4000 is a side coiling fire and smoke rated door.
    Auto-Set H200
    Auto-Set H200 is a horizontal fire shutter with 2 hour fire protection to protect wide span openings. The automatic closing H200 Series horizontal fire shutters prevent the migration of heat,

    The perfect solution If you are lacking space for a headbox. Our Range of Fire Shutters have unique deployment options which include Side Coiling Deployment, Concertina Deployment, Vertical Deployment & Horizontal Deployment.