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    Fire Compartmentation

    Compact Fire Curtains
    Need to protect an opening with minimal space to install standard fire systems? Compact Fire Curtains may be the ideal solution for you. The ViiFire range of products include a diverse range of solutions which can be installed with minimum available space.
    Fire Resistant Glass
    Australia’s first aluminium framed fire resistant glazing solutions providing insulated fire protection up to – / 120 / 120. We can provide you with Walls, Doors, Windows, Facades & Roofing options.
    Fire Shutters
    The perfect solution If you are lacking space for a headbox. Our Range of Fire Shutters have unique deployment options which include Side Coiling Deployment, Concertina Deployment, Vertical Deployment & Horizontal Deployment.
    Fire Shutters With Egress Doors
    Need to create a fire compartment in an egress pathway? Our Fire Shutters With Egress Doors are your ideal solution. With massive spans and multiple deployment options including side coiling. Our Fire Shutters With Egress Doors are a one stop solution for fire safety on egress pathways.
    Horizontal Fire Curtains
    Discover your solution to enabling a multilevel open space without the constraints of the BCA. Horizontal Fire Curtains are primarily used to protect voids between levels. 1 Horizontal Fire Curtain could replace multiple Vertical Fire Curtains.
    Vertical Fire Curtains
    Create vast open areas by replacing non-load bearing walls and doors with Vertical Fire Curtains. These versatile solutions can achieve any shape desired with unlimited widths and large heights. Insulated Fire Curtains and Fire Curtains with Egress Doors are also available for protecting egress paths.

    Remove non-load bearing walls and fire doors to create vast open spaces with our fire safety solutions.