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    CPD Training

    Greene Fire are committed to providing Continuing Professional Development educational seminars.
    Fire Resistant Glass Door
    Understanding Fire Resistant Glazing
    We at Greene Fire have recently introduced Australia’s first aluminium framed fire resistant glazing solution. This educational training session will focus on helping you to develop knowledge and skills surrounding fire resistant glazing and our fire resistant aluminium framing. This presentation will cover why we need fire resistant glazing (with a focus on understanding the Australian Standards), What types of glazing is available on the market, benefits of various framing materials, and the benefits of utilising aluminium framing.
    Seminar duration 1hr, CPD Points 2
    Active Smoke Barriers
    This comprehensive, educational seminar provides delegates with an informative account of smoke curtain barriers, their applications and the integral role they play when installed within the build environment in conjunction with a Smoke, Heat, Exhaust and Ventilation (SHEVS) systems. Written to provide regulators and the design community and other professional bodies with a greater understanding of the governing standards and regulatory compliance.
    Seminar duration 1hr, CPD Points 2
    SmokeStop Smoke Curtain
    Fire Curtain Barrier Assemblies: Non-invasive fire protection
    A comprehensive, educational seminar designed to provide Architects, Building Controllers control bodies and Fire Professionals with a greater understanding of fire curtain barriers and the governing standards that regulate their use. From compartmentation to protecting a means of escape, this educational seminar will illustrate when and where fire curtain barriers can be specified within the build environment. A review of a fire barriers’ operation, installation and continuous servicing requirements will provide delegates with the opportunity to ask pressing and topical questions.
    Seminar duration 1hr, CPD Points 2
    Creating Open Space With Passive Design
    This educational presentation is intended to describe the difference between active and passive fire protection, the design constrictions fire safety can cause and the solutions available which allow you to create your desired space. Large open spaces are a desired feature of any building within today’s design scope. However, open plan designs are often challenging featuring numerous safety issues. Open rooms often involve the removal of non-load bearing walls which often act as a fire barrier which compartmentalizes a room or corridor. Discover how passive design can allow you to remove non-load bearing walls without needing alternate active fire protection measures.
    Seminar duration 1hr, CPD Points 2
    Fire Resistant Glass Façade
    Microlouve Attenuation Screen
    Microlouvre Solar Shading
    An educational seminar designed to introduce the Innovative new MicroLouvre Solar Shading product. MicroLouvre is a unique mesh that has been used for many applications. Originally developed as a solar shading screen more than 80 years ago, Microlouvre has been used as a solar shading screen, fire attenuation screen, bush fire ember mesh, light diffuser, privacy screen, insect screen and has even been in model building for Star Wars tie fighters. MicroLouvre mesh is made from miniature woven bronze louvres, only two times thicker than a human hair, angled for optimum sun control, glare and light. It is easily and inconspicuously installed externally on buildings, in lighting units, display cabinets and many other applications. This CPD will detail its construction, applications, benefits, compliance and testing, along with physical examples for a more in depth understanding.
    Seminar duration 1hr, CPD Points 2

    Other Services

    Technical Advice
    Greene Fire’s service technicians have the expertise to conduct the necessary fire curtain maintenance for your property or facility.
    Our routine fire curtain service is completed in full accordance with AS1851-2012 and manufacturers’ recommendations.
    We have many highly trained technicians which will ensure that your fire safety systems are installed and functioning at their maximum capacity.
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