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    Glazed Louvres

    HAHN Tairmo Allglass
    The Tairmo Allglass system is popular with architects as a fully glazed external appearance is provided, concealing the aluminium framing from view. This clear triple glazed louvre window provides extremely low U Value.
    HAHN Tairmo
    The HAHN Tairmo is a triple glazed louvre window for the highest U value and acoustic separation.
    HAHN Intergral
    The HAHN Integral model is a Automatic Louvre Window with double or triple glazed glass. The motor is concealed within the frame.
    HAHN S9-iVt-05 Allglass
    The S9-iVt-05 Allglass provides weather tightness and thermal protection with a flush plane allglass appearance, without any horizontal framing of the louvres on the outside.
    HAHN S9-iVt-05
    The HAHN S9-iVt-05 double glazed louvre window is preferred by many of our clients due to its outstanding performance in regard to ventilation, weather tightness and thermal protection, as well as a high degree of security (security certified). The glass louvres are framed all around with aluminium profiles.
    HAHN Naco
    Naco is a basic single glazed louvre window providing cost effective louvre window options where performance is not critical.
    HAHN S9-iV
    HAHN S9-iV is a double glazed louvre window without a thermally broken frame with double insulation glass features.
    HAHN S9-45°
    S9-45° is a single glazed louvre window where all of the glass louvres finish flush to the outside.
    HAHN S9
    HAHN Louvre Window S9 was developed for optimal controlled ventilation with single glazing. It combines good weather protection with an aesthetically pleasing appearance.