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    FireMaster Insul8: The Revolutionary Solution That Safeguards Evacuation Paths and Unsprinklered Buildings.

    Greene Fire is excited to introduce the FireMaster Insul8. Developed by leaders in fire protection, Coopers Fire, the FireMaster Insul8 is the latest in insulated fire curtain solutions. With its capability to achieve EW240 and EI90 fire rating, the fire curtain minimises property damage by providing increased thermal insulation, preserving structural integrity and reducing the risk of secondary fires.

    The perfect solution for unsprinklered buildings, the FireMaster Insul8 provides dry insulation. The curtain deploys automatically from a fire alarm signal, forming a fire-resistant and insulated barrier that contains flames and gases, thereby protecting life and property. Its ability to provide 90 minutes of insulation (below 140°C) ensure protected evacuation for occupants to safe areas while enabling safer firefighting operations. The FireMaster Insul8 is ideal for lobbies and receptions, lifts and egresses, evacuation routes and boundaries.

    The curtain complies with the highest industry standards, having been tested to the rigorous requirements of BS EN 1634-1:2014 by an accredited testing laboratory. For more information on FireMaster Insul8, its applications, and key benefits, visit the product page or contact Greene Fire.

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