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    Bushfire Solutions

    Ember Mesh
    MicroLouvre Ember Mesh
    The most technologically advanced ember screen on the market. The MicroLouvre ember screen is a product which has multiple uses. Originally a solar shading product, our MicroLouvre bushfire screen has been tested and has proven to perform as an industry leading heat attenuation screen. Meeting the requirements for the AS3959-2018, this product can be used as a compliant ember screen up to BAL-FZ.
    FireMaster FZ
    The FireMaster FZ bushfire shutter is a BAL-FZ bushfire rated shutter that is installed around any window or door. This product provides protection from direct flame contact, heat radiation, burning debris and ember attack. This product utilises a lightweight material allowing for a smaller and more compact headbox which can be hidden within a structure.

    Protect yourself and your home with Australia’s only AS1530.8.2 Tested bushfire shutter the FireMaster FZ or protect your home from ember attack with our MicroLouvre ember mesh