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    Firestorm Bushfire Glazing

    • Address:Unit 2 7-11 Parraweena Road Taren Point NSW 2229
    • Phone:(02) 9526 3100
    • Fax:(02) 9526 3111
    • Email:sales@greenefire.com.au

    Strong, safe and reliable protection. Any existing window can be replaced by our aluminium bushfire window. The FireStorm bushfire rated window system is the ideal solution for those who wish to protect their home without needing to install further fire safety equipment. By utilising AluFlam’s advanced aluminium framing, we can create more lightweight and economically friendly glass solutions. All AluFlam fire rated systems are made from thermally insulated high performance aluminium framing systems. This innovative design allows for seamless integration with high specification architectural finishes. We can create large clear panes of fire resistant glass depending on your requirements. By using aluminium framing, we are able to reduce weight and costs providing you with greater design freedom. We can provide window solutions for any BAL from BAL-LOW to BAL-FZ.


    When living in a bushfire prone area, you are required to protect your home from a potential bushfire attack. AS3959 – The Australian Bushfire Standards – states that homes within any bushfire prone area requires protection at all openings, this protection can vary dependent on your ‘Bushfire Attack Level’ (BAL). Bushfire rated windows are often the solution of choice. Bushfire rated windows are a strong, reliable form of protection that can cover all BAL levels. Utilising advanced glazing systems, Greene Fire’s bushfire window is the ideal solution to protect your home from any bushfire danger. Utilising advanced glazing systems, Greene Fire’s bushfire window is the ideal solution to protect your home from any bushfire danger. Our bushfire rated windows are a self reliant solution which requires little to no maintenance.


    Due to the high risks associated with living in a bushfire prone area, building requirements have been designed to ensure your maximum safety in the event of a fire. These requirements vary dependent on your bushfire attack level (BAL).

    what is BAL?

    BAL stands for ‘bushfire attack level’, it is used to determine the appropriate level of protection needed relative to the likelihood of a bushfire attack. BAL is determined by knowing 4 things:

    • Type of vegetation surrounding the property
    • Slope of vegetation
    • Fire Danger Index (FDI)
    • The distance of the vegetation from the property

    The BAL levels vary dependent on potential danger and each level has seperate requirements in order to satisfy safety standards, these levels include:


    Greene Fire’s bushfire rated window system is made of aluminium vertical and horizontal frames. Our aluminium framing utilizes sustainable materials that are naturally resistant to corrosion, cracking and warping. The inside layer of the glass profile is filled with a fire resistant filler preventing the frame from failing and the glass from shattering completely.  Greene Fire’s bushfire rated window systems utilise Contraflam® glass. Contraflam® contains an inter-layer that becomes opaque in the event of fire and acts as a heat shield. This helps to reduce radiant heat and is a useful feature which provides greater protection if in a bushfire situation. Below is a brief description of what happens to the glass in the event of a fire:

    Initially the fire causes the glass pane that is towards the fire-side to break due to the stress on the glass.

    The interlayer, which is based on nanotechnology, begins to form an opaque insulating protective layer.

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    For Further Reference please read the documents provided below. If you wish to obtain further information regarding our Fire Attenuation Screens, please contact us at (02) 9526 3100, or email us at sales@greenefire.com.au. Alternatively, you can speak to us in person at Greene Fire Pty Limited, Level 2 381 Port Hacking Road Caringbah, NSW 2233


    • Bushfire rating up to BAL-FZ
    • Bushfire rated aluminium framing
    • Large glass panes available
    • Narrow profiles for seamless integration
    • Strong Sound Resistance
    • Glass to glass joints
    • Available in single and multiple window panel design
    • Simple assembly
    • Powder coated frame to desired color