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    MicroLouvre Ember Mesh

    • Address:Unit 2 7-11 Parraweena Road Taren Point NSW 2229
    • Phone:(02) 9526 3100
    • Fax:(02) 9526 3111
    • Email:sales@greenefire.com.au

    The most technologically advanced ember screen on the market. The MicroLouvre ember screen is a product which has multiple uses. Originally a solar shading product, our MicroLouvre bushfire screen has been tested and has proven to perform as an industry leading heat attenuation screen. Meeting the requirements for the AS3959-2018, this product can be used as a compliant ember screen up to BAL-FZ.


    The MicroLouvre ember screen incorporates specially angled paper thin bronze louvres. The innovative louvre design prevents flame penetration from ember attack and burning debris. Testing was performed with industry leading results at the CSIRO. As the louvres are spaced 1.49mm apart, the MicroLouvre ember screen provides protection to AS3959 up to BAL-FZ! A MicroLouvre ember screen can provide complete solar shading and fire protection of a whole window up to BAL-19.


    Due to the high risks associated with living in a bushfire prone area, building requirements have been designed to ensure your maximum safety in the event of a fire. These requirements vary dependent on your bushfire attack level (BAL).

    what is BAL?

    BAL stands for ‘bushfire attack level’, it is used to determine the appropriate level of protection needed relative to the likelihood of a bushfire attack. BAL is determined by knowing 4 things:

    • Type of vegetation surrounding the property
    • Slope of vegetation
    • Fire Danger Index (FDI)
    • The distance of the vegetation from the property

    The BAL levels vary dependent on potential danger and each level has seperate requirements in order to satisfy safety standards, these levels include:


    The industry leading MicroLouvre technology is an ideal addition to homes within any setting. The specially angled louvres of MicroLouvre can reduce the temperature in your home by up to 10ºc in summer! This is done by stopping the heat before it reaches your window. With the louvres at a 17º angle, MicroLouvre provides complete shading when the sun is at its hottest. MicroLouvre has twice the open area of most other screens. this makes MicroLouvre almost invisible from the inside giving perfect outward vision.

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    For Further Reference please read the documents provided below. If you wish to obtain further information regarding our Fire Attenuation Screens, please contact us at (02) 9526 3100, or email us at sales@greenefire.com.au. Alternatively, you can speak to us in person at  Greene Fire Pty Limited, Level 2 381 Port Hacking Road Caringbah, NSW 2233


    • Compliant bushfire screening up to BAL-40 and BAL-FZ
    • Reduces the internal temperature near windows by up to 10ºc
    • save up to 60%on airconditioning costs
    • near perfect visibility
    • 80% open area allowing natural light and ventilation
    • up to 100% shading at sun angle of more than 40º
    • Highly durable and weatherproof
    • Capable of withstanding wind speeds of 190km/hr
    • Insect and pest protection
    • Very light weight and easy to install