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    How Can Microlouvre Reduce Stress And Increase Productivity?

    At this point in time there are many distractions preventing us from completing our work. With the introduction of smart phones and the rapid growth of social media, it has never been easier to procrastinate. However, less known factors such as lighting and temperature often impact productivity and have much more difficult solutions as opposed to logging off and putting your phone away. We at Greene Fire have focused on developing a simple, cost effective solution to this problem.

    how does temperature affect productivity?

    One of the leading factors impacting productivity is not what you would expect. Temperature has been found to drastically impact productivity levels. A study performed in 2002 measured the productivity of a call center and found that work speed reduced by 15% when the temperature raised from 24.8° C to 26° C.

    how does light affect productivity?

    Lighting in the workplace has been discovered to significantly alter the work rate and productivity of workers. Apart from its physical effect on workers, there are also psychological effects that can affect the productivity of a worker. Mirjam Munch (2011) conducted a study testing the impacts artificial lighting has on productivity levels as opposed to natural lighting. It was found that subjects who were exposed to artificial light were significantly less productive and were found to be less capable of performing cognitive tasks (problem solving). They were also found to have higher levels of sleepiness as the day progressed causing a loss of attention. Not only is there an impact at the office but there is a strong relationship between workplace daylight exposure and office workers’ circadian rhythms impacting their sleep, activity and quality of life.

    what are circadian rhythms?

    Circadian rhythms are the biological, mental and behavioural rhythms that follow a 24-hour cycle (your body clock). They are produced by various factors, most notably light. Light is used as an ‘on’ or ‘off’ switch dictating your sleep cycle, hormone release, attentiveness and cognitive functioning. Disruptions of circadian rhythms is directly linked to sleep disorders, obesity, diabetes and depression.

    how do we maximize our productivity?

    Given what has been mentioned, in order to maximize productivity, you need to have a strong source of natural lighting and you need to have a comfortable temperature in the office. But how is this achieved? Letting in too much natural light can make the office hotter and less productive, letting in no natural light will impact workers mentally becoming negative and less productive. Unfortunately air-conditioning cannot provide the answer to this.

    then what is the answer?

    MicroLouvre Solar Shading Screens shade 100% of all direct sun when it is at its hottest stopping the heat before it reaches the window. This screen provides 80% open area ensuring that a comfortable amount of natural light passes through whilst blocking 92% of the heat. This maintains temperatures at a desired level whilst also eliminating glare and saving energy. MicroLouvre fabric is made from miniature woven bronze louvres, only two times thicker than a human hair, angled for optimum sun control, glare and light. It is easily and inconspicuously installed externally on buildings, in lighting units, display cabinets and many other applications. This system allows you to maximise natural lighting, and maintain temperatures, ensuring that the happiness and