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    2019 Fire Protection Company of the Year

    We are proud to announce that we have been awarded this year’s Harry Marryatt award for Fire Protection Company of the Year! Thank you for all of your support and we would like to congratulate all other finalists for their hard work in such a vital industry. This year marks the 4th annual Fire Industry Awards presented by FPA Australia. These awards help to illustrate the achievements of those who are leading the way in fire protection and innovating the latest and greatest fire safety solutions. Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) has a proud history of excellence dating back to the founding of the Association. The Australian Fire Protection Association (AFPA) was founded in 1960 by Mr Harry W Marryatt who was tasked by his employer, Wormald, to create an independent fire protection organisation in order to pursue the interests of its members in the public arena. This has led to what we now know to be the FPAA. The FPAA aim to ensure all structures are safe from fire, which is an ever-growing threat. This year has been filled with growth, development and multiple world and Australia firsts. These advancements have seen us move into a new significantly larger location, allowing us to manufacture more Australian made solutions, reducing lead time and ensuring quality. 2019 has seen us work on some of our most illustrious projects to date such as the new UTS Central, Collins Arch – 477 Collins Street, 405 Bourke Street, Quay Quarter Tower and many more. Our extensive research and development throughout 2019 has seen the development and introduction of multiple brand new fire safety systems. This year we have introduced our Fire Resistant Glass range of solutions by AluFlam, allowing us to provide Australia’s first aluminium framed, tested fire resistant glass solution. We have also introduced our range of bushfire solutions including the only shutter to be tested to AS1530.8.2-2018. We introduced the new FireMaster Cleanroom which is the only fire curtain in the world designed to be used in a cleanroom environment. And finally the new Res-Q window which allows vision through fire curtains assisting in locating a fire within a building allowing first respondents to work more efficiently, lowering the risk of injury.

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    If you wish to obtain information regarding our fire engineered solutions please click on the products page for more information. Alternatively you can contact us directly at (02) 9526 3100, or email us at sales@greenefire.com.au.