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FireMaster S

The FireMaster S is a smoke and fire curtain that provides smoke containment as well as up to 4 hours fire separation.

The unique construction housing and additional tested smoke seals provide a smoke tight fire curtain solution fully tested to AS1530.7(2007). Curtains remain invisibly retracted until activated by an alarm or detector signal, at which time they descend safely to their operational position.

Fire Curtain Construction

Only single roller construction. Each roller is up to 30 metres wide and has a minimum of 70mm diameter with a wall thickness of not less than 1.5mm. Rollers wider than 5 meters are wide single rollers incorporating IRSB headboxing.

Metalwork is zinc coated mild steel. This can be painted on site or powder coated to DULUX or RAL colours.


FireMaster S will remain retracted within its headbox until it is automatically activated by the fire alarm signal. Once activated it will completely close the opening, creating a fire and smoke compartment.

Test is performed by a simple key switch. Its reset manually by pressing a reset button on the control panel. Automatic reset is available.

Bottom Bar

Standard bottom bar is Jumbo which is a triangular shaped bar 40mm wide. Also available is the ‘T’ bar and operable ceiling interface systems (SLAT) in 150mm and 75mm profiles.

Fire Rating

Up to 4 hours fire integrity to AS1530.4. Assessment report EXOVA EWFA-RIR-21553.

Incident Irradiance (kW/m2)

Time (mins)I0– 0mmI1,000– 1,000mm

Smoke Rating

When the complete product is tested to AS1530.7 (2007). Standard Reference Conditions (STP) @ 200°C and 25Pa after exposure for 30 minutes. Assessment report EXOVA BWA-RIR-22525.

Side Guides and Head Box3.6m³/m²/hr


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