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FireMaster Plus

The revolutionary FireMaster® Plus Fire Curtain is an exclusive development woven and produced by Coopers Fire, using a unique rapid reaction graphite flake which expands to over 20 times its original thickness on exposure to heat and fire, creating an insulating carbon barrier to heat.

FireMaster® Plus reduces radiant heat to under 10 kilowatts per square meter for over 120 minutes. You can escape safely just a few inches away from a +600°C fire.


Barrier Construction

Each roller is up to 4m wide. Wide Single Roller (WSR) construction is available up to 30m wide. Only single roller construction available.

Material Finish

Metalwork is zinc coated mild steel. This can be painted on site or powder coated to DULUX or RAL colours.


A 24v electromagnetic brake holds the fire curtain open. Closing is by gravity at a controlled speed of 0.06 – 0.15m/s. Opening is driven my one or more 24vDC tubular motors mounted within the barrel.

Test / Reset

Test is performed by a simple key switch operator. The system is reset manually by pressing the reset button on the control panel. Automatic reset is available.


The curtain material is a continuous filament glass fibre and stainless steel wire fabric with fire retardant intumescent graphite flake silicone coating. It is 2mm thick, and weighs approximately 1.64kg/m² in its finished form.

Fire Rating

Up to 2 hours fire integrity to AS1530.4 with low radiant heat. Assessment report EXOVA EWFA-RIR-22049.

Incident Irradiance (kW/m2)

Time (mins)I0– 0mmI1,000– 1,000mm

Bottom Bar

Standard bottom bar is Jumbo which is a triangular shaped bar 40mm wide. Also available is the ‘T’ bar and operable ceiling interface systems (SLAT) in 150mm and 75mm profiles.

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