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    Vertical Smoke Curtains

    FireMaster Insul8 Fire Curtain
    SmokeStop EvacU8
    The SmokeStop EvacU8 is generally used in conjunction with the SmokeStop smoke curtains as active smoke barriers and is applied as an intuitive way of escape in case of emergency.
    The SmokeStop Active Smoke Barrier is an automatic smoke curtain which comprises of technologically advanced fire-resistant fabric roller barriers encased in a compact steel housing.
    FireMaster S
    The FireMaster S is a smoke and fire curtain that provides smoke containment as well as up to 4 hours fire separation. The unique construction housing and additional tested smoke seals provide a smoke tight fire curtain solution fully tested to AS1530.7(2007).

    Smoke travels incredibly quick and can cause even more damage to a building and its occupants than flame. Stopping smoke spread is essential for any fire safety plan, Vertical Smoke Curtains are an ideal solution for invisible smoke protection.