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Fire safety is a serious matter, meaning that fire curtains in particular need to be regularly maintained to ensure the ongoing safety of your building. Greene Fire’s qualified Service Technicians are experienced with installation and servicing of fire and smoke curtains. This extensive experience makes us the leading choice for fire curtain maintenance ensuring that you have true peace of mind. From residential apartments to office towers, Greene Fire’s service technicians have the expertise to conduct the necessary fire curtain maintenance for your property or facility.

Our routine fire curtain service is completed in full accordance with AS1851-2012 and manufacturers’ recommendations. These checks and adjustments can pick up on obvious problems, thereby avoiding the need for emergency callouts in the future that will result in serious downtime and a massive bill. We carry most replacement spare parts in our service vehicles and stock additional parts in our factory, reducing the cost of additional call outs for repair and the amount of time you need to wait before getting the parts you need.

Greene Fire can ensure your building compliance by way of scheduling fire curtain maintenance bi-annually whilst providing complete service record documentation, reports from all service schedules (including survey), providing testing and preventative maintenance schedules required by AS1851-2012 for your installed life safety systems & full 12 monthly service to comply with annual certification obligations.

It is important to ensure that servicing covers

  • All checks required biannually as outlined in AS1851. This is more than just making sure the fire curtains deploy, so ensure every criterion is met
  • All maintenance items outlined in the manufacturer’s operation and maintenance manual
  • All items outlined in the buildings fire engineering report

Contact our service department today for assistance on (02) 9526 3100 or for reliable, industry-standard fire curtain service and maintenance.


“Our solutions provide building designers the freedom to create tomorrow’s award winning buildings without compromising their designs or compliance”