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Vii® Cabin

Vii® Cabin is a compact and simple fire curtain system that activates by fusible link only. There is no motor or control panel making it a cost effective solution. No power or alarm signals required.

Normally suitable for installation around windows that are in close proximity to property boundaries. If automation is required for activation by alarm signals or automatically reset then consider the other Vii® Fire products.

Barrier Construction

When supplied the Vii® Fire is completely assembled ready to direct face fix to the building structure. Both boxing and guides have external fixing locations for ease of installation. No assembly on site required. An optional sill can be supplied for window applications.

Material Finish

Metalwork is zinc coated mild steel. This can be painted on site or powder coated to DULUX or RAL colours.


The fire curtain will remain retracted within its headbox until it is activated by heat exceeding 74°C in the vicinity of the fusible link. The speed of descent will be within the range of 0.15m/s to 0.3m/s.

Test / Reset

Testing is by disengaging or activating the fusible link. To restore the Vii® Cabin the barrel assembly is required to be manually wound to its top position and a new fusible link installed.


The curtain material is a satin weave fibreglass fabric with a silver polyurethane coating on both sides and integral stainless wire. It is 0.54mm thick, and weighs approximately 690g/m² in its finished form.

Fire Rating

Up to 2 hours fire integrity to AS1530.4. Assessment report CSIRO FCO-3071

Time (mins)I0– 0mmI1,000– 1,000mm

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