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SmokeStop™ D600A

A smoke curtain is a device that controls the movement of smoke during a buy prednisone for dogs online fire by directing the smoke towards mechanical or natural ventilation points. Traditionally smoke curtains have been used as an integral part of a naturally ventilated building however smoke curtains are proving to be a cost effective solution in conjunction with mechanical ventilation.

The SmokeStop™ Active Smoke Barrier is an automatic smoke curtain which comprises of technologically advanced fire-resistant fabric roller barriers encased in a compact steel housing.


Barrier Construction

Each roller is up to 5m wide with multiple roller construction up to unlimited widths. Maximum size single roller construction is 6 metres wide x 8 metres high.

Material Finish

Metalwork is zinc coated mild steel. This can be painted on site or powder coated to DULUX or RAL colours.


A 24v electromagnetic brake holds the fire curtain open. Closing is by gravity at a controlled speed of 0.06 – 0.15m/s. Opening is driven by one or more 24vDC tubular motors mounted within the barrel.

Test / Reset

Test is performed by a simple key switch operator. The system is reset manually by pressing the reset button on the control panel. Automatic reset is available.


The curtain material is a fibreglass fabric with a micronised aluminium filled fire retardant polyurethane and weighs approximately 465g/m² in its finished form.

Bottom Bar

Standard bottom bar is Jumbo which is a triangular shaped bar 40mm wide. Also available is the ‘T’ bar and operable ceiling interface systems (SLAT) in 150mm and 75mm profiles.

Smoke Performance

Leake tested to En12101-1 Annex C
Single roller fabric0.5m³/m²/hr
400mm overlap positive pressure0.5m³/m²/hr
400mm overlap negative pressure17.06m³/m²/hr

Side Guides and Edge Gaps

Side guides are only required if the designer requires a 0mm edge gap at the sides. Standard side edge gap for SmokeStop™ D600A is 20mm and the headbox edge gap is 6mm.

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