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SmokeStop™ evacU8®

SmokeStop™ evacU8® is a unique patented bi-roller system which has narrow interweaving / overlapped panels which are only 600mm wide. Each panel overlaps the other and has its own self levelling bottom bar ballast system. Evacuees can simply walk through the ‘strips’ which then fall back into place, helped by the patented anti-tangle overlap retention system. The evacU8® curtain is also DDA compliant.

The SmokeStop™ evacU8® is generally used in conjunction with the SmokeStop™ Active Smoke Barrier and is applied as an intuitive way of escape in case of emergency.


Barrier Construction

Each barrier has at least 2 rollers with each approximate 600mm wide fabric panel alternating between rollers. The rollers are positioned ‘side by side’ and deploy through the centre of the headbox.

Material Finish

Metalwork is zinc coated mild steel. This can be painted on site or powdercaoted to DULUX or RAL colours.


A 24v electromagnetic brake holds the fire curtain open. Closing is by gravity at a controlled buy orlistat capsules speed of 0.06 – 0.15m/s. Opening is driven by one or more 24vDC tubular motors mounted within the barrel.

Test / Reset

Test is performed by a simple key switch operator. The system is reset manually by pressing the reset button on the control panel. Automatic reset is available.

Leakage tested to EN12101-1 Annex C


The curtain material is a fibreglass fabric coated with a fire retardant polyurethane and weighs approximately 425g/m² in its finished form. It is translucent so lights and movement can be seen through it.

Bottom Bar

Each fabric panel has a soft bottom ballast bottom detail for a soft edge which will not hurt people evacuating.

Smoke Performance

Leakage tested to EN12101-1 Annex C

Side Guides and Edge Gaps

Side guides are only required if the designer requires a reduced side edge gap. Standard side edge gap for SmokeStop™ D600A is 35mm and the headbox edge gap is 6mm.

Leake tested to EN12101-1 Annex C
400mm overlap positive pressure22.35m³/m²/hr
400mm overlap negative pressure21.25m³/m²/hr


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