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FireMaster® Horizontal

FireMaster® NVS™ Horizontal is an active curtain barrier assembly that acts as a fire separating element in the horizontal (non-vertical) plane. One horizontal curtain can be used instead of installing fire multiple vertical fire rated barriers.

NVS stands for No Visible Supports which means the unique design allows the curtain to run under tension in a guide down each side, meaning the opening can remain free from any supports for the curtain once installed.


Barrier Construction

Available in Simplex and Duplex designs. Simplex close from one end to the other, whereas the Duplex is used for much larger areas and closes from each end of a void to meet and close in the middle. Each roller is up to 4m wide with a maximum 5m draw.

Material Finish

Metalwork is zinc coated mild steel. This can be painted on site or can you buy ultram in mexico powder coated to DULUX or RAL colours.

Test / Reset

Test is performed by a simple key switch operator. The system is reset manually by pressing the reset button on the control panel. Automatic reset is available.


The leading edge of the curtain fabric has a special pre-tensioned support bar spanning the opening which runs in the side channels where the curtain fabric is retained. On alarm activation, the barrier is driven by tubular motors to the closed positions using steel pull straps.


The curtain material is a continuous filament glass fibre and stainless steel wire fabric with fire retardant intumescent graphite flake silicone coating. It is 2mm thick, and weighs approximately 1.64kg/m² in its finished form.

Fire Rating

Up to 2 hours fire integrity to AS1530.4. Assessment report EXOVA EWFA-RIR-26607

Incident Irradiance (kW/m2)

Time (mins)I0– 0mmI1,000– 1,000mm

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