Smoke Curtains

Smoke Curtains are Alternate Smoke Safety Solutions which allow you to develop architectural spaces whilst still complying with BCA requirements.

A close relative to the Roller Shutter, Smoke Curtains protect openings by deploying and creating a full barrier covering an opening and creating a smoke compartment. The primary difference between a Roller Shutter and a Smoke Curtain is the material which is used. Smoke Curtains are made of engineered fabric and not steel. These materials enable us to create a much more compact and lightweight solutions which can be installed in almost any space to create a fire barrier.

We have 2 categories of Smoke Curtains, click on the pages below for more information.

Vertical Smoke Curtains

A smoke curtain is a device that controls the movement of smoke during a fire by directing the smoke towards mechanical or natural ventilation points. We can provide active solutions, static solutions & egress solutions.

Compact Smoke Curtains

Compact Smoke Curtains are primarily used for smaller openings such as protecting lift shafts. Our compact solutions are ideal for areas which have minimal space.