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Vertical Fire Curtains

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FireMaster is an uninsulated active fire curtain barrier that vertically protects openings in fire rated walls or can be used to completely replace non-load bearing fire rated walls.

FireMaster Plus
FireMaster Plus 22 Market Down

The FireMaster Plus Insulated Fire Curtain is a revolutionary product within the fire engineering industry. The FireMaster Plus Fire Curtain incorporates a unique intumescent fabric that was developed and produced by Coopers Fire.

FireMaster Concertina
0.1 Oil Search - Fully Deployed

The FireMaster Concertina fire curtain has a fire protection rating of (–/240/–). The Concertina Fire Curtain protects areas without the need for corner posts. This gives architects, consultants and specifiers a whole new way to approach buildings design.

FireMaster Plus Concertina

FireMaster Plus Concertina fire curtain is an insulated concertina fire curtain. The unique fabric is coated with intumescent material which provides a thermal barrier in a fire. This results in approximately 4 times less heat transfer through the concertina fire curtain.

FireMaster Egress

FireMaster Egress is a first in the industry for a smoke and fire curtain with door. There can be one or multiple integral egress doors. FireMaster Egress is a first in the industry for a fire and smoke rated curtain with one or multiple integral egress doors.

FireMaster S
FireMaster 23

The FireMaster S is a smoke and fire curtain that provides smoke containment as well as up to 4 hours fire separation. The unique construction housing and additional tested smoke seals provide a smoke tight fire curtain solution fully tested to AS1530.7(2007).