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Fire Shutter With Egress Doors

Our range of fire products is the most extensive in the world.

Greene Fire design, manufacture and install operable fire shutters incorporating standard compliant swing fire doors. Unique and patented to McKeon and only available from Greene Fire, these fire rated shutters are highly functional while meeting their required purpose. Thanks to these Wide Span Opening fire shutters with doors, your egress problems can be solved.

FireMaster Cleanroom

Cleanrooms can be very large and entire manufacturing facilities can be contained within a cleanroom with factory floors covering thousands of square meters that are very sensitive to environmental contamination but still require fire compartmentation.

FireMaster Concertina

The FireMaster Plus Insulated Fire Curtain is a revolutionary product within the fire engineering industry. The FireMaster Plus Fire Curtain incorporates a unique intumescent fabric that was developed and produced by Coopers Fire. It uses a unique rapid reaction graphite flake which expands to over 20 times its original thickness on exposure to heat and fire, creating an insulating carbon barrier to heat.

FireMaster Plus insulated fire curtain reduces radiant heat to under 2.5 kilowatts per square meter for over 15 minutes. You can escape safely just a few inches away from a 600°C fire.

FireMaster Plus

MicroLouvre is the smallest and most efficient solar shading screen at only 1.2mm depth. Outstanding reduction in solar heat gain of 86%.