Project Summary:

Boundary Protection Using Fire Attenuation Screens & Fire Curtains: Greene Fire Vii Cabin fire curtains and MicroLouvre Fire Attenuation Screens are used for external boundary protection to residential building.

Project:                                Junction 24, Kew VIC

Developer:                           LJA Constructions

Architect:                             2 Scale Design

Fire Engineer:                      Dobbs Doherty

Application:                         Boundary Protection


Junction 24 is brand-new luxury apartment in Kew, Victoria. Consisting eleven apartments and is located within the very heart of Kew town.

The apartments range from two to four bedrooms thus the occupants will be either residents or visitors.

Clause C3.2 of the BCA requires openings in external walls requiring an FRL and located within 3m of a property boundary in accordance with Clause C3.4 of the BCA, and if wall wetting sprinklers are used, they are located externally.

Clause C3.4 of the BCA indicates that when protection is required, windows must be protected with:

  • Internal or external wall-wetting sprinklers
  • – / 60 / – fire windows that are automatic closing or permanently fixed closed
  • Or  – / 60 / – automatic closing shutters.


Windows on the West side of the apartments are within 3m of the property boundary thus requiring each opening to be fire separated by -/60/- fire rating as required under BCA Clause C3.4.

The ideal solution was to design and install Vii Cabins and MicroLouvre Attenuation screens to all external openings within the 3 metres boundary.

Vii Cabins are suitable for installation around windows that are in close proximity to property boundaries as they are fusible link activated, requiring no power or alarm system to deploy the curtains. Vii Cabins provide 2 hours fire integrity to AS1530.4 and AS1905.2.

MicroLouvre Attenuation Screens are as tested with regard to the procedure outlined in AS15304 Appendix B.7 and AS1530.8.1 as confirmed in the CSIRO Report EP164870. MicroLouvre Attenuation Screens are also used as a fire engineered solution to protect openings close to property boundaries.

MicroLouvre can fit into any shape and size of window and has the additional benefit of offering high performance solar shading with 80% open free area and high visibility out.


  • All Vii Cabins are gravity fail safe system closed with fusible link
  • MicroLouvre Attenuation Screens provide additional privacy screening to address overshadowing in bathroom and stairway
  • MicroLouvre Attenuation Screens provide additional solar shading protection without impeding external visibility.
  • MicroLouvre is compliant for bushfire up to BAL-40 and BAL-FZ
  • MicroLouvre provides 49.4% heat attenuation
  • Cost effective solution compared to wall wetting sprinklers
  • Both systems are low maintenance

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