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Performance Louvres

Vital Series

The Vital Series allows architectural mesh to be installed in front of single, double or triple bank louvre with tested rain defense performance. Weather louvre and performance louvre.

Single Bank Louvre

Single bank louvre for privacy screening and to allow air flow into areas where rain defense is not critical. In locations where rain defense is not critical, INNIVATE high airflow screening Louvre, with the same external visual appearance as the rain defense models, can be used.

Double Bank Louvre

Double bank louvre is the minimum requirement for providing weather louvre and performance louvre for rain defense. Where ventilation and a good level of rain defence is required, double stage louvres are the answer.

Triple Bank Louvre

Triple bank louvres provide the highest level of rain defense to locations that could experience heavy, wind driven rain. Providing a uniform look across all single, double and triple stage louvres.