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Glazed Louvres

Greene Fire are proud to offer single, double and triple glazed louvre windows of high European quality. Hahn Lamellenfenster are the market leader in louvre windows, with an extensive product range being available through Greene Fire. The most popular option by far is double glazed louvre windows, with Greene Fire offering a complete range of superior Hahn double glazed louvre windows.

These single, double or triple glazed louvre windows offer high thermal insulation and protection, with varied colours also being available. Ideal for use in commercial buildings, apartments and other large-scale applications, contact Greene Fire today for our complete range of single, double and triple glazed louvre windows.

Single Glazed Louvre Windows

Single Glazed Louvre Windows are the optimal solution for controlled ventilation. these systems combine good tightness with attractive architectural effect when insulation is not needed.

Double Glazed Louvre Windows
HAHN Tairmo

Our Double Glazed Louvre Windows provide you with superior ventinlation, weather tightness, thermal protection and a high degree of security.

Triple Glazed Louvre Windows
HAHN S9-iVt-05 Allglass

These systems utilize a multifunctional design which combines contemporary design with natural, energy efficient ventilation and lighting. incorporating large thermal breaks and insulated cores, these louvres provide our highest performance.