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SafeScape S9000

Fire Rating     – /  180  / –

Max Width    Unlimited

Max Height     7 Metres


    Unit 2 7-11 Parraweena Road
          Taren Point NSW 2229
    (02) 9526 3100
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SafeScape S9000 is a side coiling fire shutter with fire doors in the leading edge. Perfect for low head room and low side space.

The SafeScape S9000 Series fire door system is a side coiling fire and smoke rated floor with one or multiple integral swing type egress doors, a complying method of egress. The side coiling fire shutter design makes this product ideal for opening in rated walls where headroom clearance is limited and enables the assembly to navigate around tight curves and contoured openings.

When the Safescape S9000 fire door assembly is in the activated or fully closed position, egress is still possible through a complying egress floor located at the leading edge.


Auto-Set automatic resetting.

Fail-Safe Design – automatic self-closing mechanism does not require power operation.


Up to 3-hour rated to UL 10B.

Smoke & Draft labeled UL 1784.


Single or multiple fixed complying egress doors available in the S9000 series when required.


McKeon Sterling Gray.

Powder coat.

Stainless steel.


Only 175mm high and 40mm wide. Can navigate curves of 900mm radius.


Only required dependant on height, swing door placement and building pressures. Consult with Greene Fire for advice.
38mm high with a 5mm operational slot, with removable cover plate to allow for cleaning.

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  • Uses very narrow head track where there is low ceiling space
  • Shutter coils up in a small rectangular shape coil box
  • Head track does not need to be straight and can follow unique ceiling designs
  • Floor track not necessarily required
  • Does not require the side pocket to be the full width of the door or for it to be in the same line as the door