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Fire Shutters With Egress Doors

SafeScape T2000

Safescape T2000 Fire Shutter With Door, is a vertically operating fire shutter with automatically deploying fire doors concealed in the side walls.

SafesScape T5000

SafeScape T5000 is a vertically coiling fire shutter with egress door. 1-18 fire doors connected to the bottom of the fire shutter.

SafeScape S7000

SafeScape S7000 series is a side acting fire shutter with doors. The fire doors can be located anywhere along the fire shutter.

SafeScape AC8000

The SafeScape AC8000 Side Folding Fire Shutters Series is available in either manual or motor operated designs and can be provided with or without swinging egress doors.

SafeScape S9000

SafeScape S9000 is a side coiling fire shutter with fire doors in the leading edge. Perfect for low head room and low side space.