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Fire Shutters

Fire Shutters are Fire Safety Solutions which allow you to develop architectural spaces whilst still complying with BCA requirements.

Fire Shutters protect openings by deploying and creating a full barrier covering an opening and creating a fire compartment. Our Fire Shutters provide strong fire protection with additional smoke control, security and acoustic benefits. Our solutions have various deployment options including vertical deployment and side scrolling deployment.

All solutions are UL tested so will need to be specified by a Fire Engineer.

Fire Shutters
Auto-Set FSFD-IS 4.

Specialist fire shutters allowing very large openings with high fire, acoustic and insulation performance where required. Flexibility in vertical, side and horizontal acting models. All solutions are tested to UL standards.

Fire Shutters with Egress Doors
SafeScape S7000

Unique and patented to McKeon and only available from Greene Fire, these fire rated shutters are highly functional and provide safe egress with the patent swing door system. Thanks to these Wide Span Opening fire shutters with doors, your egress problems can be solved.