Fire Curtains

Fire Curtains are Alternate Fire Safety Solutions which allow you to develop architectural spaces whilst still complying with BCA requirements.

A close relative to the Fire Shutter, Fire Curtains protect openings by deploying and creating a full barrier covering an opening and creating a compartment. The primary difference between a Fire Shutter and a Fire Curtain is the material which is used. Fire Curtains are made of engineered fabric and not steel. These materials enable us to create a much more compact and lightweight solutions which can be installed in almost any space to create a fire barrier.

We have 3 categories of Fire Curtains, click on the pages below for more information.

Vertical Fire Curtains

Vertical Fire Curtains are solutions which are primarily used to create fire compartments on the vertical plane. Common uses for fire curtains include replacing non-load bearing fire rated walls and doors. These solutions can provide an FRL up to – / 120 / 120*.

Horizontal Fire Curtains
FireMaster Horizontal Plus 6.

Horizontal Fire Curtains are used to protect openings in a horizontal plane. 1 Horizontal Fire Curtain can provide the same protection as multiple vertical curtains. We can provide solutions with an FRL up to – / 120 / 120*.

Compact Fire Curtains

Compact Fire Curtains are primarily used for smaller openings such as protecting lift shafts or providing boundary protection around windows. We can provide solutions with an FRL up to – / 120 / -.