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Vital Louvre Series

The ‘jewel in the crown’ of the INNIVATE performance Louvre system is the Rain Defense and VITAL series Louvres. Proven under test to resist rainwater entry whilst being subjected to high airflows, the twin blade horizontal and the triple blade, vertical Louvre systems are the perfect solution where the restriction of water entry is critical whilst a good level of airflow is required.

The VITAL series with its ‘chameleon like’ architectural mesh treatments provides a welcome change for the designer to incorporate performance Louvres into this façade without compromising the visual aesthetic.

Vital Series 2


ModelBlade Spacing (mm)Blade Depth (mm)Blade ConfigurationFront Blade OrientationRear Blade OrientationSupport Mullions


Airflow velocity in m/sAirflow


High grade extruded aluminium to grade buy valium by roche online 6063 T5 and T6. Tensile strength of 152 – 300MPa.


Anodised, polyester power or PVDF coatings

Rain Defence

More than 99% efficient, Class A rain defence classification up to wind speed of 2.5m/s allowing less than 0.75l/hr/m2 of water through the louvre.


Class 4 airflow coefficient of 0.141

Span Table

Maximum mullion centres of 1.25m for wind load up to 5kPa.

Up to 1.5m for wind load up to 2kPa.

Vital Louvre Series

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