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Ultrasky Casement Ventilator

Ultrasky is a high quality glazed natural ventilator designed for both smoke and natural ventilation requirements. It’s extremely low air permeability characteristics, low profile and aesthetic features offer the ideal solution for modern buildings of a buy zyrtec d high specification.

The Ultrasky has been specifically designed for seamless integration into inclined and vertical glazing systems with an extremely low silhouette.

Material and Finish

Aluminium extrusion. Natural anodised aluminium or powder coated to RAL colour.

The Ultrasky can also have Bi-Color finishes with alternative colours externally and internally offering a unique design element.

Asethetic Design

The Ultrasky has a very attractive design and appearance. This is down to:

Compact frame dimensions

Only 37mm offset between fixed and window glazing

Completely concealed hinges
No screws and no glass bead

Glass & Panel Types

Ultrasky can be fitted with either:

(Glass thickness can range buy zydex accutane from 9 to 48mm)

Single Glazed

Double Glazed

Triple Glazed

Insulated Or Un-Insulated Aluminium


Control OptionsTested to
24 Electric Drive Open / Drive Close Actuators (Chain or Spindle)EN-12101


Inclined installation into glazing systems (type 105), can be installed down to 2 degrees. Vertical installation (type 50) into glazing or block work openings. Glazing adapters as standard and alternative installation options available.

  • Turndown Base – mounting onto weathered roof up stand
  • Flat Base – mounting directly onto roof sheeting

The Ultrasky has completely concealed hinges and can be top hung, side hung or bottom hung.

Snow LoadSL-125
Fire ReactionClass E
Wind LoadWL-1500
Temp (Low)T(-5°C)
Temp (High)B-300


The Ultrasky has been tested to BS EN 12101 – Part 2: 2003: Specification for natural and heat exhaust ventilators.

Typical Horizontal (Bottom Hung – Spindle Actuator)


Typical Vertical (Bottom Hung – Chain Actuator)


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