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SafeScape T2000


Safescape T2000 is a vertically operating fire shutter with automatically deploying fire doors concealed in the side walls. Fire shutter with door.

A vertical coiling fire and smoke rated door system that incorporates either one or two deployable complying egress swing doors. Flush mounted in an adjacent wall, these complying egress swing doors deploy and lock into position at the command of an alarm condition. Once in place the integral egress doors and frames serve as side guides to accomodate the 3-hour roll down door assembly that descends at a governed rate.

Within seconds a 3-hour opening protective with single or dual egress swing doors stands ready to stop fire and smoke.


3-hour rated to UL 10B

90-minute rated assembly with a 340°C over 30 minute Temperature Rise rating when required

Smoke & Draft labeled UL 1784


Available with up to 2 complying egress swing doors. Doors at concealed at 90° or 180° to the door in the adjacent wall.

Egress doors only swing in one direction. Maximum swing door width is 1220mm


McKeon Sterling Gray

Powdercoated to RAL colour

Stainless steel


Auto-Set automatic resetting

Fail-Safe Design – automatic self-closing mechanism does not require power operation

T2000Auto-Set OperatorFail-Safe Mechanical1 Complying Swing Door
T2500Auto-Set OperatorFail-Safe Mechanical2 Complying Swing Door


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