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SafeScape® S7000

EgressThe Safecape® Series fire door systems are available in both manual or motor operated designs and with or without swing type egress doors. S7000 Series doors are side acting therefore ideal for openings in fire walls where headroom is limited. The side activated design enables these fire doors to navigate around tight curves and contoured openings.

When in the stored fire-ready position the entire assembly retracts into a side pocket in the fire rated corridor this is approximately 175mm wide.



Up to 3-hour rated to UL 10B

Smoke & Draft labeled UL 1784


Fixed complying swing doors when required


McKeon Sterling Gray

Powder coat

Stainless steel

Fail-Safe Design – automatic self-closing mechanism does not require power operation

Manual operation for assemblies up to 3m x 3m

Model Open Self-Close Egress Function
S7200 Manual Push-up Fail-Safe Mechanical N/A Side Shutter
S7400 Manual Push-up Fail-Safe Mechanical 1 Complying Swing Door Side Shutter
S7500 Manual Push-up Fail-Safe Mechanical 2 Complying Swing Doors Side Shutter
S7600 Auto-Set® Operator Fail-Safe Mechanical N/A Side Shutter
S7700 Auto-Set® Operator Fail-Safe Mechanical 1 Complying Swing Door Side Shutter
S7901-S7918 Auto-Set® Operator Fail-Safe Mechanical Multiple Swing Side Shutter

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