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SafeScape AC8000


SafeScape AC8000 Series are side folding fire shutters including operable fire doors.

The Safescape AC8000 Series fire door systems are available in either manual or motor operated designs and can be provided with or without swinging egress doors. The units are made up of either 175mm or 350mm panels requiring a 230mm or 395mm pocket profile respectively.

AC8900 combines accordion folding, mechanical closing, dual egress with conventional swing door exiting in one assembly.

The head track can follow almost any shape and afloor track is often not required.


Up to 3-hour rated to UL 10B

Smoke & Draft labeled UL 1784


Fixed complying swing doors

Power assisted exit device (AC8800 only)


McKeon Sterling Gray

Powder coat

Stainless steel


Auto-Set automatic resetting

Fail-Safe Design – automatic self-closing mechanism does not require power operation

Manual operation for assemblies up to 3m x 3m

AC8200Manual Push-upFail-Safe MechanicalN/AAccordion Sliding
AC8400Manual Push-upFail-Safe Mechanical1 Complying Swing DoorDoors Accordion
AC8500Manual Push-upFail-Safe Mechanical2 Complying Swing DoorsDoors Accordion
AC8600Auto-Set OperatorFail-Safe MechanicalN/AAccordion Sliding
AC8700Auto-Set OperatorFail-Safe Mechanical1 Complying Swing DoorAccordion Sliding
AC8800Auto-Set OperatorFail-Safe PowerPower Assisted (Complying Dual Egress)Accordion Sliding
AC8900Auto-Set OperatorFail-Safe MechanicalMultiple SwingDoors Accordion

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