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The ResQ-Window is a patented translucent fire proof flexible material which was created to address this issue. The ResQ-Window™ can be installed into a fire curtain allowing building occupants and first respondents to see through the curtain after it has been deployed. This allows for building occupants to be aware of where the fire is located allowing them to escape in a safe manner. It also allows first respondents to easily locate the source of the flame and eliminate the danger in a more effective process.

The ResQ-Window™ can withstand temperatures in excess of 1000°C with 2 hours integrity (E120) and is tested to BS EN 1634-1. The material used in the window is made from specialized high purity silica fabrics, extremely high purity silicone optical resins, and nano-particle silica opacifiers. These more sustainable materials do not provide toxic gasses or surface flaming when exposed to fire.

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