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PF3000 Series

PF3000 service door is custom designed to accommodate any opening size. These doors are available in prime painted galvanised steel, aluminum, stainless steel or can be powder coat finished to any colour requirement. Service door require less headroom and side room than product alternatives such as swinging or sliding type doors. They also offer more security and are highly durable and easy to repair and maintain.pf3000

The PF3000 is an excellent see-through security door. This unique assembly is constructed of roll-formed perforated slats. It offers discreet visibility tighter security and small children cannot climb it reducing liability and damage.

Custom version of the PF300 Series service doors include slats with custom round perforations and non-level threshold applications.

Curtain slats

Available with 16, 18, 20 or 22 gauge steel curtains.

Material finishes

The metalwork can be supplied in McKeon Sterling Gray, powder coated or stainless steel finish.


The shutter can be supplied as motor or hand chain operated. There is also a Hi-Cycle motor operator option.

High wind loads

Can be designed to sustain heavy wind load requirements. Refer to Dynamic 110 for more information.

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