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Light Control

MicroLouvre Light Control acts as a directional filter that allows light to pass through in one direction whilst blocking vision of the light from the opposite direction.

MicroLouvre Light ControlMicroLouvre can be progressively angled to increase or decrease the light filter. The use of MicroLouvre for light control allows displays to be highlighted with the light sources concealed. MicroLouvre can be produced in a wide range of colours and finishes in order for Lighting Engineers, Exhibition and Display Manufacturers and Interior Designers to achieve exactly the active or passive lighting effects required.

Using MicroLouvre, displays can be highlighted and promoted by uni-directional lighting, which initially looks like a wall, but can carry full colour logos which progressively change and become transparent revealing the display to customers as they walk past. MicroLouvre metal fabric is directional, and as such they have been used for a variety of purposes such as in Trading floors in India, Museums displays including those at the Imperial War Museums, Shading traffic lights.

Micro Design

The thin and flexible design of the MicroLouvre mesh allows for the ease of incorporting it into the housing of many diffierent lighting systems. MicroLouvre has been supplied in discs as small as 25mm for bespoke lighting applications or thin strips for other LED lighting applications.

MicroLouvre is an extremely thin directional light filter as it is only 1.2mm thick.

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