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MicroLouvre™ Lighting

MicroLouvre™ acts as a directional light filter that allows light to pass through in one direction whilst blocking vision of the light source from the opposite direction. MicroLouvre™ can be progressively angled to increase or decrease the light filter.

MicroLouvre™ can be produced in a wide range of colours and finishes in order for Lighting Engineers, Exhibition and Display Manufacturers and Interior Designers to achieve exactly the active or passive lighting effects required.



Weft (Louvre) – C220 commercial bronze alloy

Warp – C655 high silicon bronze alloy

Wire size

Weft (Louvre) – 1.27mm x 0.25mm

Warp – 2 x 0.254mm


Warp pitch 12.7mm

Weft pitch 1.4mm

Louvre angle 17°

Thickness 1.46mm

Weight 1.0 kg/m²

Open Area

MicroLouvre™ permit an open area of at least 80%

Glare Control

MicroLouvre™ sun control characteristics also buy adipex from mexico work to shade signs, traffic lights, displays and even people from intrusive bright light.

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