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S9 is a high quality single glazed louvre window.

HAHN Louvre Window S9 was developed for optimal controlled ventilation with single glazing. It combines good weather protection with an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The overlapping glass louvres are typical, but other materials may be used for the louvres (e.g. timber, aluminium) resulting in an interesting appearance and adjustable light control. The S9 is certified for natural smoke and heat extraction.

Material and Finish

Aluminium louvre frames either with silver anodised finish (special colours).


Triple phase insulating glass, glass frames enamelled
(glass thickness 52 mm)
Ug 0,6 W/m²K standard structure 6/16/6/16/8

Glass types

Glass types include; Toughened or laminated glass, depending on specific requirements. Also available: Louvres in timber, aluminium or plastic.


  • Manual operation by hand lever, crank handle or hand wheel
  • Electric operation by 24vDC or 240vAC motor.
  • Pneumatic
  • 24vDC electric motor operator is required for NSHEV model compliant to EN12101-2

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