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Fully Weathered Multipurpose

The Multipurpose is a fully weathered natural ventilator specifically developed for industrial ventilation applications where weathered ventilation is required.

The Multipurpose has low energy consumption, and can be provided with energy saving insulated body and flaps.multiourpose_drawing

Base types and Installation

The Multipurpose can be installed along the ridge or downslope with either of the following options.

  • Turndown Base – mounting onto weathered roof upstand
  • Flat Base – Mounting directly onto roof sheeting

Control Options for Multipurpose

The multipurpose is available with either of the following control options.

Control Options
Electric – 24v Drive Open / Drive Close
Electric – 230v Drive Open / Drive Close
Pneumatic – Air To Open or Air to Close
Manual Telescopic Winder – (Low Level)



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