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FireMaster Cleanroom

Cleanrooms can be very large and entire manufacturing facilities can be contained within a cleanroom with factory floors covering thousands of square meters that are very sensitive to environmental contamination but still require fire compartmentation.

The FireMaster Cleanroom features a fabric suitable for ISO Class 6 or above applications whilst in operation. Due to its unique design features, the FireMaster Cleanroom can be fully deep cleaned whilst in situ in accordance with ISO 2812 (Paints and varnishes – Determination of resistance to liquids).

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Download FireMaster Plus Insulated Fire Curtain Specifications


  • Protects escape routes
  • Door replacement
  • Protecting non fire rated walls and glass
  • Protects property and equipment
  • External boundary protection
  • Protection to equipment passing through compartment floors
  • Enables open plan manufacuring where maximum compartment size exceeds optimal facility layout
  • Enables in process materials or products to be staged in open plan circulation space


The curtain material type is EFP™ 3/1000/CR/SS, which is a metallic based fire barrier. The material is halogen-free, exceptionally resistant against attack from most chemicals, non-oxidizing acids, pitting and intergranular corrosion in continuous operation up to 400º C.

It has an area weight of 400g/m2 ± 10%. The curtain material offers dimensional stability and is non-combustible to EN 13501-1 Reaction to Fire and is suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing applications.


The barrier assemblies comprise a metallic fabric wound on to a steel roller, powered by an internal 24V dc electric motor, enclosed within a 1.2 mm (0.047 in) Stainless Steel box.
A bottom bar is fitted to the bottom edge of the curtain providing tension to the curtain with sufficient weight for the curtain to ‘fail-safe by gravity’. When concealed in the headbox the bottom bar runs flush with the headbox. The headbox size may vary depending on the size of the curtain.


The edges of the curtain are retained inside side guides, providing pressure resistance of at least 20Pa.

cleanroom side guide

The 24V motor contains an electromagnetic brake to arrest motion of the curtain when in the open position.

fire rating

The FireMaster Cleanroom has been tested to BS EN 1634-1 and BS EN 13501-2. The FireMaster Cleanroom has achieved a fire integrity rating of 120 minutes (E120) and a fire radiation control rating of 120 minutes (EW120).


The FireMaster Cleanroom has been approved to have the maximum dimensions of 2.6m (w) x 2.8m (h). Increased sizes are possible under assessment.

testing and certification

The FireMaster Cleanroom has been tested to:
BS EN 1634.-1:2014
EN ISO 14644-1 (CLASS ISO 6)
BS EN 13501-2:2007+A1:2009


The Mono Control Unit is a compact single curtain controller with a complete range of incorporated ancillary control options.





  1. Fire alarm (Normally closed, volt-free contacts)
  2. *Additional control panel (if-required)
  3. Mono control unit
  4. *Emergency retract button
  5. 230Vsc 50Hz dedicated supply







The system is completely ‘plug and play’, which means all wiring terminations can be connected quickly and efficiently, reducing installation times and complexity.

The system also incorporates a ‘self-test’ facility, enabling the system to monitor its performance and maintaining a safe system. Please consider lead time, as this process can vary dependent on the size of the project.

optional extras

Voice warning

Audio or spoken multi message facility when mains or emergency power is available.

Beam protection and obstruction warning

A beam detector, with delay timer which will sound in the event of any obstruction being placed in the barrier drop line when mains or emergency power is available.

Visual alert system

Light warning system when mains or emergency power is available.

Split drop delay

To partially deploy to pre-determined level to permit escape, and initial smoke containment. After delay fully deploys to its fire operational position when mains, or emergency power is available.

Emergency retract

Touch button retract facility for multi-escape and emergency service ingress/egress when mains or emergency power is available.

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Alternatively, you can speak to us in person at Greene Fire Pty Limited, unit2, 7-11 Parraweena Road Taren Point, NSW 2233

Download FireMaster Plus Insulated Fire Curtain Specifications


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