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ClimateGuard IS3000

ClimateGuard IS3000 Series Insulated service doors are designed for both interior and exterior use where protection against the transfer of temperate is critical for energy conservation and protection against the elements.They require a minimum amount of head room and side room and are available in a variety of finishes. Where necessary these doors can be designed as self-opening assemblies to allow egress.


ClimateGuard™ IS3000 Series doors are ideal for heavy traffic and high cycle applications and can be designed to sustain wind loads. When climate control is necessary, ClimateGuard guarantees the highest thermal protection in the industry.

IS3000 Series insulated and acoustically rated service doors are designed for both interior or exterior applications where climate/temperature control and/or acoustical control is required. In areas where climate or environmental control is necessary, these doors can provide thermal protection with an R-value of 8.70 and a U-value of 0.11. In openings which require sound control, our acoustically designed model doors have been tested and rated with up to a 34 STC Rating.

Curtain slats

Available with 16, 18, 20 or 22 gauge steel curtains.

Material finishes

The metalwork can be supplied in McKeon Sterling Gray, anodised aluminum in a variety of colours or stainless steel finish.


The shutter can be supplied as motor or hand chain operated. There is also a Hi-Cycle motor operator option.

High wind loads

Can be designed to sustain heavy wind load requirements. Refer to Dynamic 110 for more information.

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