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Bushfire Window

Strong, safe and reliable protection. Any existing window can be replaced by our aluminium bushfire window.

Why Do I Need The Bushfire Window?

When living in a bushfire prone area, you are required to protect your home from a potential bushfire attack. AS3959 – The Australian Bushfire Standards – states that homes within any bushfire prone area requires protection at all openings.

Bushfire rated windows are often the solution of choice. Bushfire rated windows are a strong, reliable form of protection. Utilising advanced glazing systems, Greene Fire’s bushfire window is the ideal solution to protect your home from any bushfire danger.

How Does The Bushfire Window Work?

bushfire window glass reactionInitially the fire causes the glass pane that is towards the fire-side to break due to the stress on the glass.

bushfire window glass reactionThe interlayer, which is based on nanotechnology, begins to form an opaque insulating protective layer.


How Is This Bushfire Window Different?

Greene Fire’s bushfire rated window system is made of aluminium vertical and horizontal profiles connected to each other by 45º corner joints. The inside layer of the glass profile is filled with a fire resistant filler preventing the frame from failing or the glass from shattering completely.


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