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To ensure our Fire Curtain systems function to the best of their capabilities we utilise high performance control systems. These systems are developed to ensure the fire curtain deploys under any circumstance. All of our fire curtain systems utilise a gravity fail safe system which ensures the curtain functions in the event of a power outage. We also provide emergency retract options for when egress is required.

These systems utilise our Variospeed® 6 systems. The Variospeed®6 BBU-CG and ERU-CG systems are used for Smoke / Fire Curtain(s) fitted with 24Vdc permanent magnet electrical motors fitted with an internal 24Vdc electromagnetic brake, as standard. When the Smoke / Fire curtain(s) are fully retracted, the internal electromagnetic brake is powered, keeping the Smoke / Fire curtain(s) in their retracted position. Power to the motor is completely isolated, prolonging the life of the motor and maintaining manufacturers supply warranty. The motors include built in short circuit and open circuit protection, meaning the curtains will deploy under total controlled gravity failsafe at a descent rate compliant with BS EN 12101 and BS8524 even if  the motor wires are severed, i.e. shorted together or disconnected from the Motor Control Card (MCC).

To learn more about our control panels and battery back up units, click on the links provided below.

BBU – CGBattery Back-Up Unit, Controls Grouped BBU – Specifications Download
BBU – CGBattery Back-Up Unit, Site Wiring Schematic BBU – Site Wiring Download     
ERU – CGEmergency Retract Unit, Controls Grouped ERU – Specifications Download
ERU  – CGEmergency Retract Unit, Site Wiring Schematic ERU – Site Wiring Download     

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