Our range of fire products is the most extensive in the world.

Greene Fire are proud to offer advanced bushfire solutions which allow you to keep your home or building safe. Greene Fire has a solutions for any situation, introducing our new BAL-FZ rated windows, shutters, screens and sliding doors. Our solutions are specifically developed with design in mind, allowing you to create a safe modern home.

The flamezone bushfire shutter is a bushfire rated curtain that is installed around any window or door providing bushfire protection from direct flame contact, heat radiation, burning debris and ember attack.

The flamezone bushfire window is a strong, reliable window with an aluminium frame. The glass is filled with an inside layer of fire resistant filler that prevents the glass from shattering completely.

Our microlouvre bushfire screen provides compliant screening up to BAL-FZ. Originally used as a solar shading product, the microlouvre screen has been found to have attenuation properties. With the highest percentage of open air on the market, the microlouvre bushfire screen can be seamlessly integrated into your home.

Our bushfire sliding doors has aluminium framing and is now thinner and lighter allowing for more cost effective solutions. Much like the window, the glass is filled with an inside layer of fire resistant filling which prevent the glass from completely shattering.

We can provide a solution for any issue you may have. Give us a call and we will be able to provide you with a personalised plan based on your specifications.