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Fire Fighter for a Day


Posted April 30, 2017

On Wednesday 5th April 2017, our Sydney Greene Fire crews consisting Mike Harrington, Scott Riley and Karl Pettit, went on a fire training course which was run by the NSW Fire Brigade.

They spent the day learning some of the salient tasks that Fire Fighters complete which included;

  • The PAT. Physical Aptitude Test that all Firefighters have to pass before joining
  • Wearing breathing apparatus before walking up a 7 storey tower to simulate dealing with a real fire situation
  • Going 35 metres up in a BMU unit connected to a fire brigade truck which simulated how to attack a fire from a height
  • Using the ‘Jaws of Life’ to remove car doors to simulate how to get to victims in a traffic accident
  • Using the hose to simulate putting out fires

“It helps us better understand the importance of fire safety systems and why we work so hard to promote these systems.” Karl Pettit, NSW

Please enjoy a few photos below:

IMG_6540Karl and Mike enjoying the Fire Fighting experience

IMG_6562Scott holds a hose…

IMG_6541Spent a half day at professional development training course

IMG_654435 metres up in a ‘Bronto Skylift’

IMG_6552Karl enjoyed ‘Jaws of Life’

IMG_6564Mike says ‘You have to be very careful when you’re using the hose!’

IMG_9740Scott smiles behind the mask

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