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Failsafe horizontal fire protection

horzontal H200 1

Posted January 18, 2018

The right product for the right application.

Horizontal fire curtains are a great light weight solution for fire separation of openings in floors however they do have their limitations. Greenefire are introducing a new technology into Australia – introducing the new H200 horizontal fire SHUTTER.

Manufactured from metal, the horizontal fire shutter has many advantages over a traditional fabric type curtains; such as:

  • It is not affected by water egress from sprinklers.
  • Occupants below are protected from failing debris.
  • Not affected by pressurisation systems when fully closed.
  • Can be frequently used – 50 times a day if required.
  • Can be closed each day for security.
  • The fire services can work below in confidence.
  • Robust and very strong.
  • Can withstand large weights.
  • Massive size range.
  • Up to almost 10m wide with unlimited length.

Fail-safe automatic closing with no power requirements, I hear you ask. Yes it is. Totally fail safe closing without the need of any power source! Please email me for further details –

The right product for the right application is here!

horizontal h200 3

horizontal h200 2

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